Introducing the Opal HD-608 Stapler: Your Reliable Stapling Solution! – Pin Compatibility: 24/6 & 26/6 – Powerfully Staples: Up to 25 sheets – Load with Ease: Accommodates 50 pins of 24/6 or 100 pins of 26/6 – Deep Throat: 60mm for versatile stapling – Swift Reload: Quick loading mechanism – Sturdy Build: Single channel, non-slip, […]

Fereez Proof Marker

*Introducing the Freeze Proof Marker – Schneider Maxx 242 ❄️** – Never Guess Again: No more confusion between vegetables and steaks in the freezer. – Frost-Resistant: Withstands temperatures as low as -25°C, ensuring reliable labeling. – Bold Clarity: 1mm line thickness and black ink for legibility on various surfaces. – Easy Retrieval: Quick identification for […]

Anti Slip Tape

🌟 Opal Anti-Slip Tape: Your Path to Safety Width: 50mm for comprehensive coverage 📏 Length: 5 meters, securing ample space 📐 Great Power Adhesive for strong and lasting attachment 🔒 Waterproof Tape, defying slippery conditions even when wet 🌊 Engineered for Slippery Areas, providing reliable traction ⚙️ High Friction Slip Resistance, minimizing the risk of […]