Base Clip F/P

Fountain pen with futuristic design, which combines modernity, lifestyle and sportiness Fountain pen with ergonomically rubberised grip profile and high-quality stainless steel nib with iridium tip.   Standard ink cartridges, royal blue, erasable. There is a reverse version L for left-handed users.

Ray Fountain Pen

Introducing the **Ray Rollerball Fountain Pen**! 🖊️ Embrace the future of writing with a blend of style and functionality.   – **Futuristic Design:** A harmonious fusion of modernity, lifestyle, and sportiness in every detail. – **Ergonomic Grip:** Enjoy comfortable writing with the rubberized grip profile. – **Durable Construction:** Stainless steel tip ensures long-lasting wear resistance. […]

k-1 Ball Pen

🖋️ **K-1 Ball Pen**: A Classic Elegance – Sturdy metal clip and metal push button for durability ✨ – Millions sold, a testament to its attractive design 🌟 – Smooth black writing color for a timeless touch 🖤 – Replaceable giant metal refill (Medium) for uninterrupted writing flow ✒️ – Waterproof per ink standard ISO […]