Fereez Proof Marker

*Introducing the Freeze Proof Marker – Schneider Maxx 242 ❄️**

– Never Guess Again: No more confusion between vegetables and steaks in the freezer.
– Frost-Resistant: Withstands temperatures as low as -25°C, ensuring reliable labeling.
– Bold Clarity: 1mm line thickness and black ink for legibility on various surfaces.
– Easy Retrieval: Quick identification for finding items in the freezer.
– Lasting Mark: Permanent and abrasion-resistant on freezer bags and labels.
– Removable on Select Surfaces: Erasable from smooth plastic cans and glass containers.
– No More Surprises: Bid farewell to unexpected meals with clear freezer organization.
– Food-Safe: Complies with food contact regulations for worry-free use.
“Freeze Proof Marker: Label with Confidence, Find with Ease!” ❄️🖊️

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