k-1 Ball Pen

🖋️ **K-1 Ball Pen**: A Classic Elegance

– Sturdy metal clip and metal push button for durability ✨
– Millions sold, a testament to its attractive design 🌟
– Smooth black writing color for a timeless touch 🖤
– Replaceable giant metal refill (Medium) for uninterrupted writing flow ✒️
– Waterproof per ink standard ISO 12757-2, ensuring lasting impressions 💧
– Wear-resistant stainless steel tip for smear-free precision ⚙️
– Maximize ink use with the large ink supply 📝
– Express 225 and Express 75 replacement refills available 🔄

Elevate your writing experience with the enduring charm of the K-1 Ball Pen. 🌹 #K1BallPen #EleganceInWriting

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