Relive the Magic of Our Back-to-School Event at Agha Khan Hospital

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Join us on a journey back to the exciting day when creativity, learning, and stationery love converged at the Agha Khan Back-to-School Event! 🌟✏️ From engaging activities to heartwarming moments, our event was a resounding success, thanks to YOU, our incredible supporters.

🎬 *Watch the Full Event Highlights:

🌈 Immerse yourself in the joy of young minds discovering the world of education and imagination. Witness the smiles, laughter, and connections that made this event truly unforgettable.

*📢 Event Highlights:*
🎉 Exciting stationery stalls showcasing the latest trends.
🎨 Creative workshops that ignited young talents.
🎁 Lucky draws bringing smiles and surprises.

📚 Our stationery family came together to celebrate the power of learning and self-expression. We are grateful to each one of you for making this day a triumph of community spirit.

*#BackToSchoolEvent #StationeryLove #EventHighlights*
#EducationMatters #CommunityCelebration #CreativityUnleashed 🌟📸

Thank you for being part of this beautiful journey with us. Let’s continue to learn, create, and grow together! 📚🎉

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